Welcome! Today we are going to visit Delhi, India with Charu Chhitwal! She has twins and she offered us a candid and realistic perspective of how it is to grow up in India and raise children there!  

She is one of the collaborators with https://www.ketchupmoms.com/

We are so happy that we were able to have this contrasting conversation with her!

Thanks so much for your participation!

Bienvenides! Hoy vamos visitar Delhi, India con Charu Chhitwal! Ella tiene gemelos y nos ofrecio una candida y realista charla sobre como es crecer en India y criar hijes alli! Ella esta detras dehttps://www.ketchupmoms.com/

Estamos muy felices por haver podido tener esta conversación con ella!

Muchas gracias por su participación!

Totally bilingual!! Mama tortuga.org

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