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Mama Tortuga IGlive @Dariamusic

Multicultural musician with a beautiful heart| Música multicultural con un corazón de oro

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 2 Tonisha

Our live with Tonisha from WoW Book and Toy Store and talk about Black Heritage Month

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 3 Booklandia (2)

Booklandia a wonderful service for Bilingual and Spanish books!

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 4 Mundo de Pepita

Short Intro to Mundo de Pepita and their resources for Language learning

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 5 Latinx Parenting.

Parenting experts on non violent parenting and community healing @Latinxparenting

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 6 Multicultural Mot

Introducing Weronika with all her knowledge about speech therapy and bilingualism.

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 7 Allegro Magico

Allegro Magico is a Spanish Podcast of Classical music for families!

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 8 Con todo press

We have a beautiful talk about the future of Bilingual books, Latinx in the US and more. Bilingüe

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 9 Raising World Chi

Aditi Warhan and her new book, plus Raising World Children!! Totally right in the same ally as Mama Tortuga!

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 10 Bilingual Brown

Check our very important talk to Kami from Bilingual Brown Babies about bilingualism in Black communities.

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 11 CanticosWorld (1

We talked to Suzie, the creator behind Canticos, bilingual videos and books

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 12 AlphabetRock

Alphabet Rockers IG live with Mama Tortuga

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 13 _123conandres

Our Mama Tortuga IG live where we talk to Grammy Nominated bilingual band 123 Con Andres!

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 14 _solomamihood

Wonderful conversation about Native American parenting and how we can teach our children about "Thanksgiving" from a Native American perspective.

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 15 _lapetitepetra

Introducing La Petite Petra with their wonderful bilingual French and Creole books

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 16 @littlenomadas
Mama Tortuga IG LIve 17@consentparenting

Let us talk to Rosalia Rivera from @Consentparenting about ways to support our children to empowered against abuse. Hablemos con Rosalia Rivera de @Consentparenting acerca de empoderar a nuestros chicos en contra de el abuso.

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 18 @readlikearockst

Meet wonderful Naomi from @Readlikearockstar a wonderful teacher and mom that is an antiracist activist and a teacher creating conscious resources to teach social studies for children in Elementary School.

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 19 @swampedinthegla

Let us talk with the amazing Rebecca of @Swampedintheglades about her game and all her adventures in Everglades!

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 20 @kiangaart

Art and motherhood are healing activities and so important in our world. We had a beautiful conversation about it| El arte y la crianza son maravillosas para curar y muy importantes ahora en el mundo.

Mama Tortuga IG LIve 22 @FarefortheFreechild

Join us in one of our most powerful conversations about education! Unete a una de nuestras mas poderosas conversaciones acerca de la educación!

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