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CW Youth Entrepreneurship Summit 2021

We were so happy to be able to assist and support what a community really committed with its youth, can create, and the CW Youth Entrepreneurship Summit of 2021 gave us a glimpse of what all the mentorship, time, example and education of a group of amazing entrepreneurs here in South Florida can do for their next generations. It all started with the vision of two amazing friends: Jacoby Waters of Young Men of Distinction and Michelle Celestine of Women of Sure Sertainty from there on, their mission keep spreading into creating spaces where younger generations living in South Florida, West Palm Beach, can learn first hand the financial advice and mentorship needed for them to prosper in our community.

This event was so well planned and so full of inspiration and concrete advice thanks to the many wonderful people that took part in it, from the volunteers, to the services that came to support such an community event: 

With a super hype DJ Daddy Phatts 

Visual and video from Naji Designs 

and the more delicious BBQ from Foster BBQ

Their speakers were for sure a certify bolt of innovation and real life advice for the youth that came to the summit.

Starting with the story of Tevin Ali that shared his real life story of being a second generation migrant, entrepreneur that had to deal with doubts from others that certainty didn't believe in him to finally find his career and obtaining an scholarship! 

Then we heard from Nigel Johnson  a wonderful South Florida counselor and educator that gave the youth a cheerful and realistic push on their endeavor in reaching out for their goals and business plans, as many of the young women and men present, between the ages of 10 and 19, are already trying out their own business ventures! 

Then came to the stage a local from Riviera Beach Gerald Hearns  and shared with all of us his amazing energy and athletic mission of Brick by Brick academy, a place to create intergenerational wealth and fitness model that was inspired in his community. Listening to his story, more than ever we can see the importance on having own voices and real stories come to live in the community efforts to reach the hearts and minds of the youth.

Next to the stage a genuine powerhouse MzMillionaire was there to support and encourage the youth, with their smile and wisdom, but above all with their elder qualities that seem to make Mz Millionaire, not a millionaire yet, but in building like they like to say, but knowing that we can make it their if we put our mindset and we have the support needed in our community. Mz Millionaire offered to support many of the youth present if only they do the follow up with them! 

The last key not speaker was Jonathan Gary Sr a serious entrepreneur, very big in South Florida, now owner of the biggest CBD dispensary in the state. He shared with the young crowd a lists of DOs for the serious entrepreneur, business person, that included: "Be mindful with your time" and "Never be afraid of failure" between many other insider tips that the whole crowd totally loved.

I would mention that there were many other entrepreneurs there, including the amazing Megan Lemonade an 11 years old with a view for her own business, Sabrina Harris with her book "The New Next" a story of visionary women like her and their recovery and empowerment, very powerful, and the wonderful Shaquana that has all kinds of amazing products and programs to support women's wellness and care.

Time literally flied at this event, two scholarships of $500 were raffled to two of the young entrepreneurs there, and from the comments that I was able to hear from the audience, specially the youth, it was a wonderful time that inspired them and make them feel as their community was uplifting them towards a higher place, teaching them and mentoring them with love and care, at a moment where this is going to be the new world, a world where we can teach and learn from each other, to create prosperity and wellness for our lovely community, and here at Mama Tortuga, we are for it! 

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