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misconceptions about feminism/ideas erroneas sobre el feminismo

Misconceptions about Feminism

Feminism destroys families. On the contrary, a household where women are respected and celebrated is a delightful and happy family!! A place where everyone is encouraged to flourish with their own talents! Again, without violence, oppression or stereotypes.

Feminism is political. Yes, it can be political for sure, but many of us are really trying to change this world to be a better and safer place for future generations!! All genders included in the same respectful ways! With the adequate representation! So feminism acknowledges that if it needs to be political it needs to get to that point in order for things to change.

Feminism is only for privilege women Real feminism want to change this. Feminism wants to use the privilege of some, any privilege you may have, to speak up for the well being and safety of ALL our sisters around the world.

Feminist are hippies We have all kinds of people of all kinds of places being feminists!! And that is totally awesome. But no, you are not necessarily a hippie if you are a feminist. That is a stereotype.

Women who are feminists are not religious Also a big stereotype. There are women in all spiritual journeys that realized that a real faith promotes the respect and inclusivity of all genders in an equal way!! 

Feminism is a new wave idea. No. Across the world and history, there had been wonderful women that broke stereotypes and achieved wonderful things to this day. Many of them never named or remembered. Feminism wants to change that.


So glad to keep my journey now with my ancestral mothers and now my children!! Thanks to partners that are supportive and also feminists!! Because there is no doubt that our world needs a positive change. Love more and rejoice in who you are without diminishing others. Fight for injustice and search the light and you will be happy. Here is a wonderful playlist of women composers from my friend Allegro Magico  you can listen in Spotify!! Playlist


If you are a feminist you hate men. There are groups that do!! Like there are many groups that definitely hate women and don't represent the whole group of men. So no, feminism is not about hate but in contrast, feminism is about love, teaching women to love and trust themselves and to appreciate who they are while searching that the whole society does the same.

Feminism is only for women. You can be a man, non-gender conforming or a transgender and still be a feminist. 

Feminism teaches women to act as men. Feminism doesn't look to put women on the same level as men. No. It encourages women to be their own best in being women! without stereotypes, oppression or violence coming their way.

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