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I am a mom, not a certified homeopathic doctor or a herbalist, but I am also passionate about plants, grow my own, and I am determined to offer the best options for my family to grow healthy. I believe that our physical bodies are tied with our mental, emotional and spiritual sides, so you can call me holistic. In many Eastern medicines, like in the Chinese, they see the physical body as just one component of the person, and that many symptoms that arise are connected to the emotions, weather, changes, and our spiritual beings. 


I had learned to read my own body, follow my intuition, take the time to evaluate why I have the symptoms that I have and also take care of me as one necessary step to overall health. I remember my abuelita always giving me teas and putting herbs on me! Is also part of our upbringing! Since we became parents, our intuitive powers sharpen and we start paying attention to all the subtle signs of our children bodies, emotions and shiftings. This is a very important step in taking care of our children's health. Still, our busy lifestyles, make us treat only the symptoms rather than be proactive to read the foreshadow signs and find the root of the problem.  


Lately, we had been hearing so much about the rise of anxiety and behavioral symptoms in children, many times treating them with clinical therapy or pharmaceutical drugs. I do feel there is a place for all of these treatments and I would never discourage anybody for searching these solutions. Still, I do feel very strongly about how the Western medical views, doesn't take in consideration other factors when medicating people, especially children. I have noticed that diet, environment and a holistic approach really helps when we encounter anxiety in our children. 

For me, it started when I noticed that my daughter was getting very fearful of tests at school, (I can write a post only about that) I wasn't happy to see my daughter thinking so much about tests and even having nightmares about failing !! I had been using for a couple of years Flower essences, essential oils and crystals to help me with my mood and my anxiety, all these are done in a conscious way as alternative medicine.


What I like so much about Flower essences is that they are very safe to use, very natural (come from plants) and that we can customize them for the symptoms. After talking to my craniosacral therapist, she recommended me to start using them with my daughter in the morning and before going to bed. This is the site that I use to get a custom order for my daughter: .They are very helpful and I will recommend calling them. They also have a Spanish section! 


I have seen an improvement in her anxiety, in combination with her diet and also with a healthy dose of outdoors time! I also keep taking my essences and I can tell you they help me immensely when I feel very stressed out. Did you know that you can also use Flower essences for pets? and that you can make your own flower essences?? My favorite is the passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) that helps with stress, anxiety, nervousness, sleep problems and IG problems.   I will recommend the ones that I am taking in my Amazon links and also some books that may help you as a guide. 


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